Moderation guidelines

Each citizen proposal submitted is subject to moderation before being published on the platform. Proposals that do not meet’s moderation guidelines are rejected at this stage and are not published online.

A proposal can be rejected for the following reasons: 

  • when it is written in a manner that is not comprehensible to other citizens or contains abbreviations or symbols that are difficult to understand;
  • when it is off topic, that is, when it does not respond to the question asked during the consultation;
  • when it is written in a language other than that chosen for the consultation of the country for which you have made a proposal, that is to say the official European Union language spoken by the greatest number of citizens in your country;
  • when it is not respectful of others. Particularly if it is of a discriminatory nature or calls for hatred or violence;
  • when it is insulting or written in vulgar language;
  • when it is partisan. For example, when it defends or attacks a political party, political or public figure, or when it is of a proselytising nature;
  • when it is commercial. For example, when it is of an advertising nature or promotes services;
  • when it contains several ideas at the same time, since having a single idea per proposal makes it easier for citizens to give their opinion and for the consultation to be more readily understood. If you have several ideas, we advise you to create several proposals.

If your proposal is rejected for the reasons given above, you will be notified by means of an explanatory e-mail. 

It is understood that whatever moderation action the teams take, your idea belongs to you and it is not for us to alter the meaning or the overall syntax of your proposal.