As European citizens, how can we act in the face of the future challenges that await us (climate, health, security, food...)?

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Health, mobility, purchasing power, security, voting, trust in the media, food, climate, energy, retirement, immigration... as Europeans, we encounter many critical issues in our daily lives. ARTE and are launching a big European and citizen-based consultation that will fuel its new program, “27”, which comes out every Sunday evening at 8:05 on ARTE. This new program aims to connect people, encourage a larger discourse in Europe and to make sense of the current events which are shaking our continent.

If you have ideas for how to help respond to the challenges of tomorrow, ARTE will allow you to use your voice, take part in the  conversation and debate together.

27 allows you to participate in an online debate around themes of common interests during which everyone can intervene to share their point of view. Your answers and ideas will fuel the debate during the program.

27 is a great transnational discussion about everything that divides us as well as brings us together.

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April 2022

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June 2022

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MOBILISATION ON GENERAL INTEREST :'s approach based on consensus

We are convinced that societal changes can only come from common ideas. This is why's approach always consists in looking for the common ground upon which collective engagement can be built. Our society is becoming more and more fragmented, we believe that involving citizens in those shared ideas is the best way to reconcile society and handle our disagreements.
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