Who are we?

Society is facing a powerful grassroots movement. More than ever, citizens want to devise solutions and participate in transformative actions, in the name of public interest.

To support this movement, we have created an independent and non-partisan platform whose purpose is to catalyse your ideas in order to implement actions that will shape the society of tomorrow.

We operate through the direct collection of proposals, the establishment of awareness operations and citizen involvement. To do this, we work in cooperation with partners whose power of action complements our own. Our goal is to obtain significant, visible, country-wide or city-wide results.

As a result, Make.org has become the essential civic tech player between civil society, central or local political power, and the economic forces whose social responsibility is engaged more than ever.

Society’s transformation makes it necessary to quickly deal with various projects that we suggest defining together with you. Join us in initiating these changes and pushing back the boundaries.

Our values
Make.org is a civic, European & independent initiative
Make.org firmly believes in democracy as a political system.
Make.org is an initiative for the benefit of European citizens.
Apart from democracy, Make.org does not support any specific political or economic project.
Make.org is independent of any political, economic or government organisation.
Make.org ensures the transparency of its operation and its algorithms.
Respectful of personal data
Make.org ensures the protection of its users’ personal data.
Our commitment to gender equality
Make.org is committed to gender equality in its organisation and has put in place a Gender Equality Plan to guide its work.

an ethics council to ensure compliance with the charter

An Ethics Council composed of independent experts that are advisers in their field and users chosen to ensure compliance with the Make.org charter. It has access to all of the operational, strategic and capitalistic decisions made by Make.org. This Council issues a quarterly public report on the company’s compliance with its Charter.
More information
Make.org has teamed up with the audit firm EY and the political science institute, SciencesPo Paris, to ensure both that the algorithms that are actually used by Make.org match the formulae that are published, and that the algorithm used is politically neutral. A quarterly report on the transparency of the algorithm will be published by SciencesPo Paris.