What are your ideas for building together a Europe that can respond to future challenges?

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Why this consultation

European society stands at a crossroad: we face war on the continent, rising inflation, an increasingly obvious climate crisis and the pandemic. Challenges that highly impact citizens, and in particular the youth. Therefore, one challenge stands above the rest: the democratic challenge for Europe. 

The elections for the next European Parliament are approaching. We believe that there should be an opportunity to better listen to the Europeans, to engage decision-makers and to create a great movement capable of giving hope to everyone, individually and collectively.

This is why #EurHope was created. A campaign promoted by the Young European Federalists (JEF) and Make.org to establish a direct link amongst people, as well as between citizens and institutions. This will transform the uncertainties and fears of these years into hope for a better future.

After the consultation, we will be advocating for your priorities towards European political actors. All of this together will lead to a raised awareness about the elections, as well as to a better knowledge of party positions. Ultimately, it will maintain a high - and possibly increased - voter turnout during the elections.

To hope for a better future is not to wait, but to express your ideas, and to find out how it is possible to bring them into the next European Parliament. This will allow your vote in the European elections to be more impactful - a concrete step for a better future. Join the Revolution of Hope!

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May the 9th 2023

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September the 30th 2023

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Make.org's approach based on consensus

We are convinced that societal changes can only come from common ideas. This is why Make.org's approach always consists in looking for the common ground upon which collective engagement can be built. Our society is becoming more and more fragmented, we believe that involving citizens in those shared ideas is the best way to reconcile society and handle our disagreements.
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