How can we make baby care more environmentally friendly (i.e. diaper, wipes, etc.)?

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Reducing the environmental impact of the products we buy and use is an imperative for all of us. But when it comes to baby care products, the meaning of that imperative takes another dimension. Offering and choosing products to take the best care of babies also means choosing products that preserve the environment and the planet they will leave on for the future.

How can we make baby care more environmentally friendly (i.e. diaper, wipes, etc.)?

This question has many sides and angles. It is about the products ingredients, manufacturing. It is about recycling, reducing, redesigning. It is also about how products are used. And not all solutions are possible or acceptable, because of their costs or impact on the performance of products.

To address this question from all sides and views, from those of engineers, but also from parents, the Charlie Banana brand which develops products in the baby care domain, is initiating a wide and open consultation to invite all people to propose solutions and offer their views on ideas from others. All inputs will be used to identify most promising opportunities for companies to reduce the environmental impact of products.

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