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We reinvent governance by massively involving people, employees and stakeholders in the co-building of policies, missions, strategies and organisations thanks to unique participatory solutions.
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We engage massively

We provide the only participatory solution engaging millions of people, ensuring balanced representation and diversity of participants.

We are independent

From the very beginning, we were built as a non-partisan and independent civic tech organisation.

We protect data

Our data policy is secure, as well as GDPR compliant. Our code is open source and our servers are based in Europe.

Our participatory solutions

Designed to massively engage your community and align stakeholders.
Our Consultation platform

Identify priority ideas

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Massively engage people

Enable large-scale participation. A single, open question allows a very large number of participants to address the issue in a representatively-balanced way. The intuitive design of the platform is particularly user-friendly and accessible.

Collect ideas and reactions

The Consultation platform enables participants to express their concrete ideas and vote on proposals - based on human-driven moderation. Our solutions increase diversity and systematically prevent attempts to influence the outcome.

See what brings people together and what divides them

Our human analysis and algorithmic methodology allows to collect and identify consensual and controversial ideas by processing a large number of votes and proposals.

Identify priorities with our sociologists

A team of sociologists and data scientists analyse the results and create reports, defining actionable priorities of the participants’ ideas.
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Our Dialogue platform

Co-creating concrete solutions

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Present your initiatives

The Dialogue platform enables you to provide a clear and concise presentation of your projects and measures in a customised and consistent way. It increases understanding of your approach to co-build a collaborative strategy.

Collect constructive feedback

Participants are encouraged to massively respond through a dynamic and user-friendly interface. They can make additional recommendations and enrich your projects by collective quantitative and qualitative comments.

Identify actionable measures

With the help of our AI-powered analysis and human moderation, we identify the actions that generate the most engagement from participants and are the most straightforward to implement.

Bringing together multiple perspectives

Broad and diverse participation of stakeholders involved in the implementation of the actions allows you to better understand them and build a robust and sustainable action plan.

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We are your experts for participatory democracy

Co-construction of public policy

Conduct constructive consultations and discussion processes between citizens, experts and other civil society actors.

Build a participatory agenda

A broad consultation in the run-up to a democratic action (e.g. elections) to set the political agenda by citizens and stimulate a societal debate.

Strengthen deliberative processes

Massive online participation of the general public strengthens the deliberation process of analogue citizens' councils or citizens' dialogues: for more diversity, openness, transparency and a more sustainable impact of the results.

Our solutions for your organisation

Accompanying the strategic reorientation

We accompany the strategic reorientation and reorganisation of your company by involving your employees and stakeholders and co-constructing concrete measures.

Transform your brand, product and offer

Nourrish your brand’s missions by engaging employees, clients, consumers, on a key societal or environmental issue for you, address the issue of customer satisfaction with your products and offers by launching a major innovative brand campaign.

Transform your sector

Initiate a participatory process, together with us and an alliance of several organisations to jointly develop initiatives for all actors in your sector.

We gather the voices of your cause

Get feedback from a broader public

Conduct constructive consultation and dialogue processes between citizens, experts and other civil society actors - based on your input on a new strategy or concrete measures, strategies and actions.

Boost your advocacy with a consultation

Thanks to a broad consultation of your community and the population, you identify the core priorities that can nourish your advocacy activities and give it even more legitimacy and visibility.

Co-build your alliance with us

Form a coalition of several organisations and jointly initiate a broad participatory process to address key societal challenges. We support you in developing effective initiatives with numerous civil society actors.

Be accompanied throughout the whole process

Setup of the selected platform

Preparation and fine-tuning of the platform
Hosting, maintenance and management of the platform during the entire participation including security and anti-trolling measures

Assistance in the participative approach

Supervision and counselling throughout the project
Weekly reports on the development of the participation
Human moderation of the proposals
Training in the use of the platform backend

Support of the communication and mobilisation

Assistance in the preparation of a communication plan
Provision of a communication kit with tips, text modules and visual suggestions
Steering paid media campaigns on social networks

Analysis and publication of the results

Analysis of results and creation of reports
Provision of an online results page for an unlimited period of time
Potential participation in events to present the results